Convention Hall hours:

Saturday | February 19th 10am-6pm

Sunday | February 20th 10am-5pm

Event Schedule

Panel Room 1

  • 11:15 » Let’s make an Anime!

    Join Amber Lee Connors and Raven Monroe as they create a whole new anime! With Amber’s amazing ideas and Raven’s talented drawing skills you can watch them create the whole thing live!

  • 12:15 » Believe it! With Maile Flanagan & Tom Gibis

    Listen to Maile’s and Tom’s experiences as voice actors and their time working on Naruto and other great shows!

  • 1:15 » Going Super Saiyan

    Listen to Kara Edwards, Josh Martin, and Chris Rager discuss their experiences working on DragonBall throughout the years.

  • 2:15 » The golden age of action cartoons: Developing and writing GI Joe and Transformers.

    Flint Dille, Buzz Dixon, and Ron Friedman played integral parts in these two franchises, as writers, editors, and producers on both television series, and both motion pictures. Ron wrote the first drafts of each movie, Flint did Transformers, and Buzz did GI Joe.

  • 3:15 » "Power Rangers: Extended Universe"

    Legendary Rangers return to the "Power Rangers: Extended Universe"! An ongoing web series that brings back your favorite Power Rangers and builds upon the canon universe we know and love. Shows featured in the "PR:EU" include, "Power Rangers: Shattered Past", "Bloodline of the Grid", and more! Join the cast and crew for the first ever "Power Rangers: Extended Universe" Panel! (Colin Bass, Roger Velasco, Patrick David)

  • 4:15 » Flint Dille: creating a modern day video game.

    Flint, went into video game development, working on dozens of video games, from Soviet Strike, to Uncharted, to Diablo, to Ingress, and now a top secret game for the new Playstation Console, Flint has been at the heart of the video game industry for decades.

  • 5:15 » Cosplay Contest hosted by Superheroes Unlimited

    Check in at booth #105 to get your spot in the annual cosplay contest.

  • 11:15 » The Odd Couple

    Learn about the 20 year on and offscreen friendship between Josh Martin and Chris Rager.

  • 12:15 » Getting the Part

    Start from the beginning with Maile Flanagan, Kara Edwards, and Amber Lee Connors and how they landed their first voice acting parts.

  • 1:15 » Let’s talk Star Wars

    Get super geeky with Kyle Pacek and Jamie Sullivan as they talk Star Wars. their favorite parts of the past and what they’re looking forward to in the future.

  • 2:15 » It’s Morphin Time

    Chat with all the Rangers at Rocket Con and their experiences working on the set of Power Rangers. Tracy Lynn Cruz, Blake Foster, Carla Perez, Patrick David, and Roger Velasco.

  • 3:15 » Let’s build a helmet

    Watch Odin Makes live as he builds a helmet with only knives and glue in front of your very own eyes!

Panel Room 2

  • 11:15 » Cosplay as a Job: Hosted By SuperHeroes Unlimited

    Want to turn your cosplay hobby into a profession? Superheroes Unlimited discusses how to operate as a cosplay business at a professional level, such as personal marketing, social media, industry networking, booking conventions, etc.

  • 1:15 » Where Robotech Started

    Get the inside scoop from executive producer Tommy Yune of Robotech, Dexter Odani, and Jamie Sullivan about the start of the franchise and where it’s headed.

  • 2:15 » David, David, and David

    Get the inside scoop from David Baron, David Booher, and David Angelo Roman on their journeys getting into the comic book community.

  • 3:15 » Creating traditional art in the digital age

    Learn from James Mulligan how he brings traditional art into our incredibly digital world.

  • 4:15 » Heroes and Villains 10

    Hosted By SuperHeroes Unlimited A crowd engaging panel discussing what it means to be a Hero/Villain, how Heroes/Villains have evolved in our stories over time and how our current world issues affect character development today!

  • 10:15 » Corsets in Cosplay

    Hats, headwear, masks, High-heeled shoes, boots, Crazy contacts and the "cinched figure" are a fashion necessity and must-have in today's society, but even more so in COSPLAY!

    This lecture demonstration will explore and explain the corset phenomenon in cosplay and the characters, the many corset styles that are available today, why corsets are not your enemy, but could be a war that you may not win without proper knowledge of how to play and stay in your corset during cosplay!

  • 11:15 » Don’t Wig Out Hosted By Sapphire Nova Cosplay and SuperHeroes Unlimited

    Dealing with Wigs can be a stressful experience. Superheroes Unlimited will discuss how to find good budget-friendly, how to style them, and how to keep them looking great convention after convention

  • 12:15 » Just artist things

    Learn from the legendary Sam De La Rosa and David Baron about the techniques they use to make the dynamic comic art that you see today.

  • 1:15 » Drawing outside the lines

    Study from Ben Templesmith and Livio Ramondelli about their unique art styles and what inspires them for each piece.

  • 2:15 » “Who Wore it Worse”

    Hosted by the fantastic BananaCakeCosplay Duo!

    An interactive panel where two people go head to head fighting to see who has the worst costume design of all fandoms! Crowd participation encouraged! Who shall win(lose?)! A great time where everyone’s right(unless your wrong). #NOCAPES!

Dungeons & Dragons:

  • Table 1 - 10:30 & 1:45
  • Table 2 - 11:00 & 2:15
  • Table 3 - 11:30 & 2:45
  • Table 1 - 10:30 & 1:45
  • Table 2 - 11:30
  • Table 3 - 12:30

VIP After Party

When: Saturday, February 19th at 8pm

Where: Sheraton - Mission Valley

What: At this party you’ll get to mingle with celebrity guests. Enjoy Horderves and drinks all while celebrating another year of Rocket Con!

**21 and up event

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